Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bento #108

It has come to my attention, that my favorite food of all time, spaghetti, isn't particularly photogenic. But it is so tasty, I will continue to pack it for lunches quite often. My apologies.

This bento contains:

  • spaghetti with lots of olives
  • baby carrots
  • kiwi fruit
Happy Bento!


Shelly said...

Love it! Spaghetti is cheap, tasty and filling. Keep up the good work and keep taking awesome pics.

Yvo said...

One of my favorite foods is pulled pork. It's pretty ugly when you pack it. A few times, when I was a bit more awake in the mornings and had time/energy, I just used it as a blank canvas. I'm sure you could do the same (I cut out bread in shapes using cookie cutters and decored the top with "shooting stars" once... I don't really rememebr what else, haha) but the spaghetti looks fine. Look, you even placed the olives so nicely! Besides, it's not always about looks ;)

Lunch Buckets said...

Everything looks good in that cute box :) How's it holding up?

Mer said...

Thanks, you three. :0)

Yvo - I love pulled pork too. Maybe I will try spaghetti as a background here soon. Thanks for the idea!

Lunch Buckets - The box is almost as good as new. I say almost, because once I packed spaghetti in the top tier, and consequently, there is a small sauce stain on that little plastic lid. But it isn't anything that shows... so it's okay.

zlamushka said...

your food is soooo lovely. You really play with your food. I am hosting Tried & Tasted event dedicated to cooking from other blogs. This month, we re cooking from Cynthia. Up for the challenge?