Monday, September 15, 2008

More Salad

I always feel that salads are sort of cheating, and not really bento... but it is my lunch and it was packed all in one container - so we will just go with it.

Can you spot all three types of meat in my salad? Pig, cow, chicken... I've practically got the whole farm in there!

And I love adding seeds to my salad. It feels festive, like a trip through the salad bar at the local buffet place. Leave me a comment and tell me: what do you like on your salads to make them special? (I always need good ideas!)

Happy Bento!


Kiersten said...

Your salads usually put my salads to shame! But I will tell you that I love the following and will almost always eat a salad with this:

- grapes (red or green)
- chunks of cheddar cheese
- cubed granny apples
- bell peppers, with feta cheese and poppyseed dressing on a spinach base

I can't think of more now, but salads are so fun! Your pictures of them are always beautiful.

Jackie said...

Hi Mer,

Let's see...I love sliced green onions, craisins, carmelized almonds (the sliced kind), mandarins, sliced strawberries - not necessarily on the same salad. :O) I also like sliced boiled egg, bacon bits, chicken, ham, seeds. I'm getting hungry!

Love U,

Aunt Jax

Christine said...

Ok, this looks yummy! And so healthy too!

vampyra1 said...

kalamata olives, grape tomatoes, red onions (lots!), feta cheese, hummus and all topped with tzatziki sauce!

or the more traditional: chicken, bacon, red onions, grape tomatoes, honey mustard sauce!

your salad is very beautiful and tasty lookin!

Carol said...

I love a pkg. of salad mix called, "Broccoli Slaw", I love green peppers, celery, sunflower seeds and a pkg of tuna- low calorie, great for you and fills you up. Thanks for showing me your salad. I have never mixed all the meats. Carol

Carol said...

You know what else I have discovered and I love? I got an individual drink mixer and I put in one banana, 1 pkg of sugar lite yogurt, 1 sugar free jello and a whole tray of ice cubes and blend it up. I drink on that all morning at work and I have fruit, dairy and fluids and I feel like I am eating something which keeps me away from nibbling other things. Carol