Wednesday, April 9, 2008

101st Bento Bite - Featuring Garden Spuds

Here is bento 101:


A word about the spuds: I dug them out of the ground a few days ago so that I could get ready to plant my veggie garden for this year. This is what I would call procrastination at its best!

Oh, and I made a little flower out of sliced almonds and a bit of raisin:

That's all.

Happy bento!


Marryth said...

Mmm...homegrown veggies are the best! :D

Your little flower is cute. ^^

Mer said...

Yeah... they always taste better when you grow them yourself, huh? :0)


bunbungirl said...

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Yvo said...

So awesome! I'm growing my own herbs and hopefully, tomatoes... can't wait :)

FoodAllergyMom said...

Your site is amazing! I am having so much fun looking at the bento lunches. I was just meandering through blogrolls...I don't even remember how I got here now...and landed here and I'm so glad I did. My kids are loving the pictures too. Where do you get the bento boxes? I have one kid allergic to gluten and one who's a vegetarian so we do a lot of Asian food. This is sooo cool! Thank you.

Mer said...

Foodallergymom - Glad you like what you see. :0) I got my Hello Kitty bento boxes at the Dollar Tree. They are great, and can go through the dishwasher - but aren't microwave safe.

The smiley box that kinda looks like a bean I got for Christmas. My parents purchased it off of J Box.

I also have some basic tupperware type containers or even containers that started their lives as "doggie bags" from some restaurant. The container definitely isn't as important as what goes in it.

Thanks for looking! :0)

FoodAllergyMom said...

Thank you so much for the J box link, I'm excited! Because of multiple food allergies my kids take very unconventional things to school for luch (no PB$Js here), having cute containers will make my 6 yr old the envy of all her friends intead of the oddball with the weird lunch.

Sophie said...

aww that little almond flour is so adorable. I love using food to decorate other food!

Sophie said...

I mean flower :D! I'm so used to saying 'flour' from all the baking I do ;).

Yvo said...

Hey Mer, did you happen to ask me about ads for your site? If so - email me and I'll tell you what I can. If not, umm... ignore me :)