Friday, March 7, 2008

Oven-roasted Red Potatoes

Potatoes. Is there anyone that doesn't like them?

They are a staple at our dinner table, that's for sure. So when I saw the Spuds-We-Like post over at Passionate About Baking I was happy to see a new recipe for a beloved ingredient. I was surprised to find that 2008 had been named the "International Year of the Potato" by none other than the United Nations. Amused by the Ode to Potato event going on over at Monsoon Spice, I decided to do my part and spread the spud love.

I chose red potatoes prepared our favorite way... oven-roasted.

First start with a generous amount of red potatoes (I usually prepare about three per person, depending on the size - of the potato, not the person) rinsed. Place them in a microwave-safe bowl.

Slice them up...

...into bite-sized chunks.

Place them back in the bowl. Stick them in the microwave for 6-9 minutes, and gather your favorite spices. These are what I use:

And parsley. But if you've run out of parsley from the shaker, just run out to your garden and cut some off. That's what I had to do. (Crazy that a fresh herb in my mind is a substitution rather than "the real thing.")

Chop it up.

Now add a little olive oil and toss the potatoes in it until they are coated.

I added the parsley at this point too. But you can wait if you want.

Spray your baking sheet with non-stick spray, and put the taters on there in one even layer.

Pick up one of your favorite spices and start shaking.

Starting to look good, but they need more. Grab another spice and go for it!

How about some onion flavor, yum! (Just don't tell Bryan I'm adding onion.)

Now we're talkin'!

Now, stop staring at your spuds, and preheat the oven to 375* or something.

Put your tray of potatoes in there and be prepared to be patient. The microwaving will have softened the middle a bit, so if you are in a hurry you can rush them a bit by using the broiler after they've only baked for 10 minutes or so. But if you have the time, leave them in there 20 or 30 minutes.

When they are hot and crispy-brown like this, they are ready to eat.



Deeba PAB said...

O Mer...these are roasted potatoes to die for. Loved the last picture; almost reached out & took a bite! Beautiful!! Happy IWD, BTW!!

Pixie said...

Red potatoes are so good and I haven't cooked with them for a long while. great photos!

Mer said...

Thanks you two! :0)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey question, WHat temp should I set my oven????

Mer said...

375 degrees or so.

The Monkey Mama said...

Dang girl! Those were GOOD! We made them tonight and loved them. We didn't have the same spices on hand so we used parsley, lemon pepper seasoning and minced garlic. We also added some Parmesan cheese at the end. YUM!

Unknown said...
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Torri said...

Love this! We've made it several times now. Thanks!

Jamie said...

So glad I found this! It's in the oven and looks delicious! Thanks for the easy recipe!

john said...

i made these. they were good. thank you for putting this on the internets.

Unknown said...