Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pluto Bento

This week is a Disney theme over at Bento Challenge. So I thought long and hard, and settled on Pluto. I found an image I thought I could recreate, and this morning I got to work.

It wasn't long before I had to actually print the picture out and go find first an Exact-o knife and then tweezers. Now I know I have truly gone off the deep end, right?

But I am pleased with how it turned out. I give you, bento #91:

Bento Contains:

Pluto consists of:
  • scrambled egg cooked crepe-thin
  • hard boiled egg-whites for the whites of his eyes
  • ham for his tongue
  • lettuce for his collar
  • nori accents for ears/nose/mouth/pupils
Happy Bento!


mihhon said...

Pluto bento is so cute!
I come to see your bento.
Thank you for your messege!!
I am very happy!!
I can't speak english very well...(>_<)
I am sorry...this is margin...
See you!

Mother Bliss said...

Wow, what a great looking bento! Just makes you smile, doesn't it?

Mer said...

Mihhon - Thanks for your visit! Your English sounds good to me. :0)

Mother Bliss - Yes, it made me smile. And most of the cafeteria ladies at the school I work at, too. I'd call that a success! ;0)

Sia said...

thats really really cute one. pluto is my fav cartoon character :)

Andrea said...

Wow! Impressive!