Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bear Bento

It is such a beautiful morning! The frost melted away as I made lunches for Bryan and I, and by the time Dioji and I went out for a walk, it was sunny and gorgeous. The birds are singing, the trees are flowering... and I just got to thinking that I am so happy that Easter is early this year. Because I don't know if I could wait much longer to celebrate His resurrection! Everything seems to be coming to life around me.

Whew! Without further twitterings, here is bento #88:

The bear sandwich is peanut butter and (what else?) honey. It is surrounded by trail mix. On the other side of the divider are some left-over oven roasted red potatoes, ample ketchup to enjoy them, and a Rice Krispy treat for dessert. Not pictured is an apple.

I got my inspiration for this bear sandwich here. Want a closer look?

Well, have a great day everyone! (If I come home feeling half as perky after work as I am now, I will feel truly blessed.)

Happy Bento!


Mother Bliss said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. It's not quite a "bento" blog, more like just what happens in my life, but I hope you enjoyed it. I love your blog. My kids enjoyed seeing your cute creations. I'm sure they'll start asking me to make cute bentos for them like yours!

Kiersten said...

Amen to the thoughts on the upcoming celebration of the resurrection. Springs like this make somber observance of Good Friday darn near impossible!

I love the bear bento - just DARLING!

Andrea said...

Ohh, your bear made me smile.

I really need to try having something for lunch other than salad, fruit, and crackers. Your lunches definitely put my daily standard to shame! :)

Mer said...

Thanks you three!

Mother Bliss - It is fun to think of your kids looking over your shoulder at my bento blog. :0) Glad they like it.

Babeth said...

So cute the bear bento :-)

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Love the bear glad you're really enjoying this!