Monday, February 9, 2009

Homemade Pizza

I made homemade pizza tonight.

I baked the pizza crust using the dough I mix up and keep in my fridge. I baked it first, before adding toppings, and that worked out really well.

I also decided to try a new cheese tonight. What is special about the soy cheese pictured above is that it does not add the milk protein casein (which I'm allergic to) in order to make it melt like most alternative cheeses do. But it still melts! Watch:

I was able to grate it easily onto my pizza.

I put on the other toppings, turkey pepperoni and olives, and then transferred it directly onto my pre-heated pizza stone in the oven.

When it was done it looked like this. And the best part is, it tasted good too! So I give two-thumbs up to this fake cheese. Now I just need to branch out on my other toppings...



annaliese said...

yummy! looks delicious! I highly recommend fresh spinach leaves, bacon, mushrooms and olives--my fav!

btw--your dough looks amazing, do you have the recipe posted on the blog somewhere?

Shelly said...

I miss pizza! That looks SO good, I want a bite! When my daughter was vegan we bought that cheese all the time and it is amazing stuff!