Friday, February 27, 2009

Pizza Bento (aka: Junk Food Friday)

Today was definitely a Friday "junk food" lunch. Behold:

  • pizza bread
  • thin mints
This makes up for all the brown rice and grilled chicken I have on other days, right?

Happy Bento! (And happy Friday!!)


annaliese said...

This is almost the identical lunch I sent Gabby to school with on Thursday! (except she was forced to include an applesauce) The bento box is the same, even, except that hers is pink! too fun:)

Mer said...

Annaliese, that is too funny! We must be on the same wave-length. :)

Yvo said...

You got your Girl Scout cookies already? NO FAIR WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR OURS... hahah yes that is what I notice ;)