Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's a Wrap?

Today for lunch I had the great idea that I was going to make myself a wrap. My co-worker, Vicki, is always bringing wraps to eat at work, and they always looks so tasty and healthy, that I thought I would give it a try. Here is my wrap before adding the lettuce:


  • toasted flour tortilla
  • Miracle Whip, honey mustard, salt & pepper
  • turkey
  • tomato
  • olives
Then I added the lettuce and attempted to roll it up. This is what I ended up with:

I could barely cram it into my bento box and get the lid on! I ate it like a big taco, because I never could get it to wrap up right. (I guess there was too much filling.)

Do you ever make wraps for lunch? If so, what is your secret? And what do you like to fill them with?

Happy Bento!


Shelly said...

I do make wraps. The key is to fold 1/3 of it on to the filling, then fold the sides up and then fold down the top part. And...not too much filling. OH and make sure your tortillas are pliable and fresh, heating them in a micro for 10 seconds help soften them a lot. Hope that helps :)

Yvo said...

Ohhh, I just realized I'm supposed to do the short sides AFTER I roll the first bit... that hopefully will help... I've been doing roll/wraps this week and having a lot of trouble =X

Mer said...

Thanks for the tips, girls! It was tasty, anyway, so I will want to try it again. :)

Anonymous said...

Waaay too much filling in that wrap! Try a "flatter" green, like spinach instead of the thick lettuce. Also, do the filling across the middle, in a horizontal line, but not all the way to the edges so that you can fold in the sides after you fold up the bottom. Hope that made sense...

Jackie said...

I say we give it an A+ for tasty! :)

Anonymous said...

Your delicious-looking wrap contents should work well if you drain the tomatoes and chop everything into smaller pieces. I make these for lunch and include whatever is in the fridge, chopped and scattered. :)


Lisa P said...

I have a great combination of hummus, jicama, black beans, jack cheese and lettuce. It's my favorite.

Nicole said...

I made a wrap today after reading your post, and I put in turkey, swiss, mayo, and sliced avocado. It was DELISH!