Monday, January 25, 2010

The Baby Shower

On Saturday, I hosted my first-ever baby shower. People came and brought cut little things like this:
Here is the mom-to-be, Juliana, with her pile-o-presents:

She seemed to have a good time opening everything up. And we, in true baby-shower fashion, oooooohed and aaaaaaaaaaaahed at them all. How can you not, really?

But what is all this doing on my food blog, you ask? I give you, the snack table:

(Please pretend that I had remembered to take the plastic wrap off of the goodies before taking this shot. Or better yet, just focus in on the cake.)

Here, I'll make it easy on you:

This is the cake I made for the shower. It was my first time doing a cake with any kind of "filling" other than frosting. I used Pillsbury yellow cake mix, then I leveled the bottom layer by cutting a bit off of it's top. I put strawberry jam in between the two layers, and then I froze it overnight so it would frost easily in the morning. I made up some pink homemade frosting to finish it off.

Everyone said it tasted really good. And I have to agree. It was delicious!



Arm70 said...

It's lovely Mer! How nice of you. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time and the Mom to Be was thrilled.

Amy said...

I'm in love with the flower arrangement. Did you do that too?

Barb said...

Hi Merilee, thank you sooo much for all the fun pictures of the baby shower for Juliana. I am sure she was BLESSED and thrilled with all you did and all she got. I know the baby is due soon. Maybe I will even get a peak when I am down, ya think? I would have enjoyed being at the shower. Is Gma Gleason back in town? I know she has been out for a bit. Everything at the shower looked lovely!!! LOVE, Gma

Shelly said...

Jam in cake does rock huh? :D

Beautiful table and what a great friend you are to the mom-to-be!

Bento Box said...

Cake looks fabulous! I've not had my breakfast yet, but already I want cake!!