Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Break From Soup

Lately, I have been taking a small container of homemade soup for most lunches. Chicken noodle, vegetable beef, potato, "tortilla"... and it has all been very tasty. But it hasn't lent itself to much bento blogging.

But yesterday, I took a break from soup and made myself a little bento:

It has simply,

  • Rice
  • BBQ Beef Little Smokies
  • parsley
  • margarine & sugar (on the "sweet rice")
Happy bento!


eilismaura said...

Do you have different rice with the Little Smokies?

What brand is the sweet rice?

Mer said...

The rice is the same in both tiers. It is just run-of-the-mill bulk white rice from Winco. As a kid, we used to put sugar, margarine and milk on our rice after dinner as a dessert and call it "sweet rice." :) So I still call it that.

Goofy said...

I like butter, cinnamon and sugar on my "sweet rice".

Andrea said...

Oh, you make me want to make tortilla soup now!

I have a wonderful recipe for Moroccan rice pudding that P and I have made a couple times recently. It does have milk and butter, but I bet you could come up with an ingenious alternative if you're interested.