Friday, January 15, 2010

Simple Friday Bento

I waited as long as I could this morning to take this picture, hoping for more light. In the end, I just set it up in the window to catch a few rays:

This bento consists of:

  • Turkey sandwich (1.5 WW pts)
  • 8 BBQ Soy Crisps (1 WW pt)
I've crammed an apple (1pt), some dried blueberries (2pts), a Z-Bar (2pts) and my water bottle in my purse as well, so I am all ready for our community outing.

Then it will be a three-day weekend!!

Happy Bento!


Amy said...

What brand are the BBQ soy crisps? And where do you get them? They sound yummy and like a pretty healthy snack.

Mer said...

The brand name is Gen Soy, and I get them in the chip/popcorn isle at Winco. :)

Xiang Yi said...

Hi there,

Chance upon your food blog. interesting bentos, keep them coming in!!!

Xiang Yi from Singapore