Tuesday, February 5, 2008

70th Bento!

This morning I decided to make little chicken/pineapple skewers for my lunch. I used toothpicks for the miniature skewers. The chicken was left-over baked chicken with a BBQ glaze. I made fresh rice in the steamer this morning. Into the top tier I put peaches for dessert. (More on that, later.)

I was pleased to find that it all stacked nicely, and I wasn't having the problem I'd had last time. I secured it with a rubber band and placed it into my little lunch pack.

However, when I opened the lunch pack (like a tiny soft cooler) I was dismayed to find that peach juice had leaked out everywhere! If you look at the picture, you may notice that I didn't pack any juice - just the peaches themselves. So much for that strategy. I guess there was enough juice in them to cause all that mess. Bummer.

It also tells me that my lid that closes the top tier (separate from the top lid that has the face on it) is in no way water tight. Good to know.


Yvo said...

Congrats on 70!!! I love the skewers, look so cute, and too bad about the peaches =T

Kelley said...

I love your bentos! You do a great job!