Monday, February 18, 2008

Where's the Bento?

"Where have all the bentos gone?" I hear my bento-blogging buddies lament.

I admit, I have been remiss. I will endeavor to do better. Here, as a peace-offering, is a simple bento I made last week:

Humble contents:

  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • banana chocolate chip cookie that Bethy made me
  • cracked pepper & olive oil Triscuits
  • dried cherries, left-over from Leslie's salad
  • almonds, hiding in the shadows
  • trail mix in a new little silicone cupcake holder I got for my birthday (thanks, mom and dad!)
By the way, I'm fairly certain this is my 73rd bento.

As Yvo over at All My Bento Are Belong To Me says: Happy Bento!


Scribbit said...

Those silicon cups are a great idea--perfect for that. And I love dried cherries--tasty!

sher said...

Thank you! I confess that I'm a Bento fanatic. And that's a lovely arrangement.