Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Corn Dogs, Anyone?

With the county fair in our rear-view mirror, I was feeling the need to fry up some comfort food and drown my sorrows at having missed it. (Okay, not really - I'm just stretching for a segue. None-the-less...)

And what better deep-fried goodness than the humble corn dog? Being in possession of a deep-fryer, I thought it would be great fun to make corn dogs with homemade batter. I selected a recipe, on trusty all-recipes, read the reviews for tips & tricks, then grabbed my camera to chronicle what was sure to be a stunning success.

I was surprised to find that I had, on hand, everything I needed to make corn dogs from scratch.  

Corn dogs wouldn't be corn dogs without cornmeal.

I mixed in flour, salt & pepper, sugar and baking powder.

Then added an egg and some soy milk.

And stirred up a nice batter.

At this point, I had read some different ideas in the reviews as to how to make the batter stick on to the dogs best.  I decided to try just dipping them in (as the original recipe calls for) as well as rolling some in flour first as some Allrecipe members had suggested.

So I inserted the bamboo skewer like this...

and dipped the turkey frank in the cup of batter.

Other of the dogs got rolled in flour first, like so:

And dipped:

Without further ado, I placed the first two dogs in the basket of my deep fryer and gave them a dip.  

While they were frying, I assembled a small army of additional raw corn dogs.

Including my favorite, a half-sized dog:

This may be a good time to mention that I had no guests coming over to help me eat these, and my husband is not a fan of corn dogs either.  But what else was I to do with so much batter!?

Meanwhile, back in the fryer...

Ah... sweet success!  I just can't wait to pick those up, dab them off, and consume them whole.  (Well - maybe not the stick.)

Uh... wait a minute.


"But they were tasty, right?"

Sadly, no.  They were not.  Even this cute little guy left something to be desired.

So this all leads me to my question: 

Does anyone out there know how to make good corn dogs at home??


Yvo said...

Mer! So glad you're back! Especially with posts like this to make me giggle :)

I am ashamed (well, not really) to say that I have actually never had a corn dog. Nope. Sorry! But as for what to do with excess batter, could you not just fry it in balls and eat hush puppies (I don't know what those are made of, but I think it's also corn batter?!)? :)

And for a good recipe, Alton Brown made them once on Good Eats, and I'm sure he had some tips and tricks that might make this a success. Please try it out and let us see the results like so again!!! :)

annaliese said...

great post, Mer, but--alas, no...I have no great corn-dog-at-home advice. :(

Miriam said...

Alton Brown's recipe is definitely amazing (his show is one of my fav's on the food network). I tried it and it was pretty good... but I had to use a lot of substitute ingredients because of my new found food allergies.

not sure what to tell you about the liquid batter sticking to the basket... I hate that problem which is why I like sticking to dry stuff in our fryer haha. on tv though what they do is (with the basket down) hold the food in the oil for a few seconds before dropping it in so it gets a little skin started I guess.

mook said...

never had a corn dog either!!!!

Jenn said...

You would come real close to making hush puppies. You would just need some green onion chopped (or scallions), some seasonings...and voila. Hush puppies.

Mer said...

I can't believe some of you guys have never eaten a corn dog. Weird.

Faith said...

Actually it's a pretty simple answer, but one that eluded me foreeever, lol. It took me being made fun of by a fellow Bento maiden when making mini corndogs for a bento. You have to lower the basket without the corndogs and then lower each corndog in (hold the stick, obviously, not the corndog lol) the oil, submerged up to the top of the stick + half an inch and just hold it there for about 60 seconds. That should seal the corndog's batter and you can set it in the basket. Hope that helps! :)