Friday, August 29, 2008

7% Vegetarian

I have always proudly declared myself to be a carnivore.  On our first date, I suggested Bryan take me to a BBQ place.  I figured, if the date was a flop - at least I would get to eat good meat!

So (with all this emphasis on tasty animal flesh) it should really not come as much of a surprise that I have not tried a huge number of veggies.  In fact, according to the Vegetarian's Hundred posted recently by Breadchick, I am only 7% vegetarian.  *wink*

Go check out the list of vegetarian "must tries" and see how many of them you've had.


  • P.S.  If you are missing seeing bento pictures like the one above, head on over to Not Exactly Bento and vote on her recent bento contest.  There are 60 entries to sink your teeth into!


Jenn said...

LOL! Never fear Mer. I'm worse. I'm 2%. I've had quinoa and edamame. The majority of the things on the list I don't even recognize!

Yvo said...

I'm totally going to post that. Thanks!

beastmomm said...

I am a vegetarian, but I have only had 24% of the items.