Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mexican Bento

Quick bento (#17) thrown together this morning with left-overs from last night's dinner:

In the smaller container are grapes and tortilla wraps with refried beans, olives and taco meat. The larger container is stuffed full of spanish rice, with accents of a plain onigiri in the shape of a star sprinkled with "chili con limon" seasoning, and a tomato with parsley.


whiskyrs said...

Thats a very clever idea to put on onigiri in the center of colored Spanish rice. Did it taste as nice as it looks? Also - do you microwave your lunches to re-heat them?

Mer said...

The Hello Kitty containers aren't rated for the microwave, so the lunches I pack in them, I eat at room temperature.

My clear containers (like the one I packed chicken and mashed potatoes in) can go in the microwave, so use those for my hot lunches.

Marryth said...

Ooh, yeah, I also like the onigiri surrounded by the Spanish rice - it stands out very well. Good job!

Mer said...

Thanks, marryth. :0)