Wednesday, October 17, 2007

About Apples

Tomorrow is opening night of Hobson's Choice! I have no idea what I will be eating for lunch (or dinner for that matter) but I am very excited to be performing for an audience.

One thing I know that I will be eating, is apples. My character, Alice Hobson, eats apples all throughout the first act of the play.

If you are in the area, you should come and see it!


whiskyrs said...

Break a leg mer! And have the lead part too!

How cool that you are involved in theatre. (I went to school for costum-ing ages ago.0 I love theatre.

I have never seen this film, but I love the director David Lean.

Is it a comedy or a tragedy? The synopsis on Wikipedia sounds like a tragedy. And the phrase "Hobson's Choice" sounds like the one in the film "Sophie's Choice".

I wish I could come see the play! M

Mer said...

I don't actually have the lead. Though people keep asking me if it is me on the poster. Looks like it could be, huh?

Anyway... it is a comedy. But you are right about the synopsis - I try all the time to tell people what it is about and it sounds depressing... but it really isn't. The audiences are enjoying it and laughing. :0)

Have you been involved in any theatre lately?

whiskyrs said...

No when I went to school for costuming I learned how seriously nomadic people have to be to work in that field professionally. So I walked away from it and never turned back.

It's a shame, I really do love theatre. And ironically now that I'm married and ought to be settled enough to work in community theatre, no, life isn't like that yet. You are making me think about it again though.

First I'll rent the David Lean film of Hobson's Choice and maybe in future I'll see about working in community theatre. M

Alyssa said...

Just catching up on my blog reading. Sounds like you had a busy October!

Mer said...

I sure did! Hence no posts since the show opened.

But I hope to start posting again this week, as things have finally settled down some.