Friday, October 12, 2007

Chicken and Rice

Bento #22 was put together directly after dinner, utilizing the left-over chicken and rice. It also is the first bento to contain bell pepper grown in my garden:

I tried something different with the rice in this bento. I added lentils to the brown rice to make it a little more interesting. In the future, I will add them near the end of the cooking time, as they ended up a bit overcooked, but I liked the look and taste.

Besides the rice & lentil mixture there are bell pepper strips, tomatoes, sliced chicken breast, grapes, and a brownie made for me by my husband.


Marryth said...

The lentils are a great idea, to add to the rice. I tried brown rice, since it's healthier...but I'm not a big fan. Maybe lentils will give it enough added flavor/texture that I can use up the rest of the bag! Haha

That chicken looks really good. And so cute, that your hubby made you brownies! <3

whiskyrs said...

This is a very pretty bento. I love the green pepper slices and the tomatos - and the brown rice base. Really pretty and nice. M

Mer said...


Nice to hear from you again, by the way. :0)