Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Nori Faces

My "sweet sixteen" bento is the first that I have gotten to use nori to make faces with. I put them on the carrots from my garden, as well as the onigiri. But I found the seaweed very difficult to cut into nice shapes. It will take practice, I'm sure.

Here are the carrots, picked from my garden the morning of:

And here is the lunch itself:

On the left is the onigiri, steamed broccoli and some of the last cherry tomatoes from my garden (oh, wait, one of those is a roma). On the left are the two carrot characters, some raisins, little tortilla wraps with ham and dijion mustard in them, a few almonds, a couple crackers, and a chocolate chip cookie.

1 comment:

whiskyrs said...

This is my favorite of your bentos so far - I love the little carrot faces. So cute!

Sorry to mention it another time but has a demonstration on how to cut shapes out of nori and Sarah says she keeps one pair of hair cutting scissors just for that purpose.

Keep all of your great ideas coming! M