Saturday, November 3, 2007

And... I'm back!

Well, I hope I haven't completely lost all of my readers... I realize I haven't posted since Hobson's opened. But now that the show has closed, I will have more time to blog. The picture above is of Bryan and I backstage during the run of the show.

And here are a couple pictures from this Halloween... me as a pixie, and Dioji as a little devil.

Stay tuned - I intend to post a delicious potato soup recipe next!


whiskyrs said...

mer, Thank goodness you are back! I missed you! Your theatrical costumes are really cool and so are your Halloween costumes. It looks like you are all enjoying life! Best wishes, M

Mer said...

Why, thank you! Nice to know I was missed. :0)

the gove family said...

you are so cute! love the halloween costume :) and it is good to hear that there are more food posts coming--I have missed them!