Thursday, November 22, 2007

Visiteurs bienvenus ! (Translation Available)

I noticed that French Bento has added me to their blog roll. (Thanks again, by the way.) Since this blog is originally written in French, I decided to add the option for translation to my own blog for any visitors who happen by using her link.

Hopefully this automated translation will suffice, as I speak absolutely no French.

Appréciez !


Anonymous said...

THIS. IS. COOL. You are one nice sweet lady to think about (my) French readers.
I must try the translation to see how it comes out in French and have a good morning laugh.
Yet the point is to understand, not create literature, so it's a great tool.
have a neat week-end.

mook at

Mer said...

I am glad that you think so. :0) It is fun to think of your readers in Paris and elsewhere in France stopping by and being able to read about my lunches and recipes. :0)