Monday, November 5, 2007

I'll call it "bento"

It may look like a salad to you, but for the purpose of easing back into my bento routine, I'm going to call this bento #28:

Filled with dark greens, covered with poppyseed dressing and topped with carrot, pinenuts and sunflower seeds... this salad is sure to be a winner come lunch time. I will supplement it with an apple, a handful of almonds, and for dessert I will have a brownie.

Here's hoping tomorrow's bento is slightly more impressive!

In other food news, Bryan BBQed for us and our guests last night. The weather was so nice we just couldn't resist. Pre-marinated teriaki chicken and pineapple kabobs hit the grill. But we lost our daylight and Bryan finished up with a flashlight checking to see if they were done. They were super tasty, though!


whiskyrs said...

hi mer, the salad bento (perfectly good bento in my opinion) looks delicious to me. Will you post your brownie recipe also?

In previous post you mentioned the Less is More Cookbook - do you have it and use it? Is it pretty good? I like the title of it. Thanks, M

Marryth said...

Ooh, I adore poppyseed dressing. Looks good! And brownies are always yummy. :D

Mer said...

Glad you approve of my bento. :0)

I actually use brownies from the box. We use Duncan Hines Family-Style Brownies - because they are one of the few boxed brownie mixes that doesn't contain milk.

I don't own the Less is More Cookbook... though, if the other recipes are half as good as the potato soup, maybe I should! I'd suggest just reading reviews on Amazon.