Thursday, November 8, 2007

Couple of Bentos

The first bento I want to share is one that my husband made for me. (I don't think he was going all out to make it bento-ish, but this was what he made me for dinner while he was away working - and since it was in a container... I'm posting it.) Chicken tenders a la Forman Grill, and Minute Rice. It was simple and tasty!

The next bento it what I took to work yesterday. (Only I cheated and took the banana out so my sandwich wouldn't absorb the taste!) Bento #30 has a bananna, some salted almonds mixed with semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a ham sandwich topped with teddybear nori punch outs.

The teddybears are in honor of my friend Rebecca, who practically crocheted a teddybear before my very eyes when she and her husband were over to play games last week. I thought that was pretty cool!

Anyway, have a good day all. Thanks for reading!

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