Sunday, November 18, 2007

Breathtaking Bento

Are you ready to be amazed? Here come some georgeous bentos created by people more talented and experienced than me:

This Octopus bento is posted on Flickr by Los Dragónnes. Click here to see more of his impressive bentos.

These four bentos were created by Sakurako Kitsa. Need to see more? Click here and you can.

These are the images that keep sending me back to the kitchen, dreaming of creating my own food art. Bear with me as my skills improve, k?

(A BIG thank you to Los Dragónnes and Sakurako Kitsa for letting me use their photos!)


Yvo said...

Wow, I love the duck one, it boggles, I want to know what's in it! (Duck, or soy sauce/tea eggs?) I have to say, while beautiful, I would hesitate to eat it and actually, these pictures are what put me *OFF* bento in the beginning, because I knew I don't have the time nor patience nor creativity in that vein to make them. They ARE gorgeous, don't get me wrong, but I'm so much more into "speed bento"... hahaha :D

Mer said...

The geese are made out of mushrooms.

Thanks for commenting!