Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bento #29

My lunch today included a stuffed onigiri with a nori face, some steamed broccoli, salted almonds, ham rolls, tortilla chips, and brownies topped with powdered sugar.


Marryth said...

What is in your onigiri? ^_^ I have yet to make stuffed onigiri, as I still have my plain ones to use up. Trying to look into what people normally use as filling. :)

Also, those brownies look totally yummy! Now I'm going to have to make some tomorrow. Mmmm... :D

I will postie a recipe, too. ;3

Mer said...

It had tuna at the center - but honestly, I didn't eat much of it because I had an upset stomach come lunch time. So I'm not sure if it was going to be the spicy tuna, or the kind I just made with relish. I enjoy them either way.

whiskyrs said...

Very pretty bento and very very nice onigiri! Looks delicious too! M