Thursday, December 6, 2007

Saving Face

This morning I attempted to make my sandwiches a little cuter by tacking on some nori eyes and noses. One of the noses fell off before I took the picture, and I was running too late to make a new one.

Bento #44:

  • turkey sandwich on sourdough bread
  • Fritos scoops
  • Granny Smith apple slices
  • brownie
Verdict: I wasn't very pleased with this bento, actually. There was too much bread and not enough meat for my taste in the sandwich. And the chips had gotten a little soggy... from the apples? Or from not drying the lid off thoroughly? I'm not sure.

One thing I am pleased with is this bento box of mine. It is one of a very few I have that actually can be microwaved. It has a clear lid, so I can show off my lunch without opening it. And... best of all, it was absolutely free. It came as the "doggie bag" from Claim Jumper.


Yvo said...

I've discovered the hard way that even if things aren't touching, anything particularly dry in a box with anything that's moist- apples etc.- will turn soggy. I forget what I unhappily discovered this with... but it was a bad bento day because some things just need to be crispy! But other people don't seem to have that problem so perhaps it's just me??? And you, now, I guess?

Mer said...

Yeah, it has happened a couple times that one thing or another would get chewy instead of crisp. I think other people probably just don't mention it. :0)

But I am learning what things are okay to pack next to one another and what are not. Glad I'm not the only one. :0)