Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Quick and Easy Meals

In our family, it sometimes happens that Bryan and I will be sitting across the room from each other, happily diddling our time away at our separate computers, when one or the other of us notices it is dinner time. Usually it is Bryan, and our conversation goes something like this:

HIM: What should we do about dinner?
ME: We should eat it.
HIM: I agree.
HIM: Do we know what is for dinner?
ME: Um, no. I haven't really thought about it.

At this point, I usually hit "send" on my email or "save draft" on my blog post and wander into the kitchen. What I'm looking for is a "go to" meal. Something that doesn't require me to have thought about tonight's dinner yesterday and thawed or marinated something. What do I usually find?

  • Chicken tenders, grilled on the Forman Grill (straight from the freezer) with seasonings on it, and some Rice-a-roni. I cut the chicken up and add it into the rice to serve it as a one skillet meal.
  • Chicken breast, again Forman Gilled, maybe with mesquite seasonings. Served with seasoned, broiled red potatoes.
  • Burgers and tater-tots.
  • Broiled garlic sourdough bread with just about anything. (Chicken, or soup...)
  • 8 cent soup (aka: Top Ramen) - with chicken chunks added, if I'm feeling fancy
  • Pizza Rolls using Pillsbury crescent rolls.

This has been my first "Works For Me Wednesday" post. If you would like to see what other women make for their last-minute meals, or link your own crowd pleasing quick meals, check out What Do I Fix? at Rocks In My Dryer.

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That's a great idea!