Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cute is a Verb

"Did you cute your lunch today?" one of my students asked, innocently. Grins all around, and a few of the staff chuckled. But we all knew what she meant.

"A little bit. Do you want to see?"

The bottom tier has brown rice supporting a nori wink, and pulled pork garnished with a tiny little tomato.

The top tier is bordered in lettuce, and displays three varieties of tomatoes (thanks to my dad for the yellow and orange ones!).

Here it is, just waiting for the top lid to go on. Yum!

So, I have to ask: when was the last time you cuted your lunch??


Arm70 said...

I "cute" mine everyday! Well, for hubby. : )

Lil'chan said...

I try to "cute" it also every time. But I'm not happy with the last one I did.