Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Bento Secret

Here is the biggest secret to having time to pack yourself (or your spouse/kids) bentos.

Shhh... not everyone knows this, but you should...


This is how many of my bentos get their start:

When you cook dinner, make extra, and before you even put it into other containers to keep - pack some of it into your bento container. Set it on a cooling rack for a few minutes (to keep if from steaming in the fridge and creating a lot of condensation). Then keep it covered in your fridge, and you will be ready to bento in minutes!

Happy bento!


Flying Lily said...

I do this too! But sometimes my husband goes late at night and eats the bento-destined leftovers, and then I want to kill him.

Arm70 said...

I use leftovers all the time for mine! No secret there!

Mer said...

Okay... so not a secret to those of us who already make bentos. :)

But people at work always question when I find the time to do bentos... and if you do them this way they don't take any more time to pack than a "sandwich and chips" lunch.

@Flying Lily: Yeah, I've started actually putting it in the bento box if I plan to use it - otherwise, Bryan may eat it! :)