Tuesday, October 27, 2009

White Frosting

So, after I blogged about my cupcakes last night (and they had had some time to cool) I made up some white frosting

To keep it completely white, I did not use any margarine or soy milk.

Instead (don't tell my husband) I used Crisco and water. (With lots of powdered sugar, of course!)

I wanted them this white because of my plans for how I'm going to decorate them.

Stay tuned for decorated cupcakes...

I'm glad I made some of them little:

They are the perfect size for bento!


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Arm70 said...

Very cute Mer! Since you're on a cupcake kick, try these sometime. Actually, send them to hubby's work (or your own if you can) and they'll love you. If you want to cheat, use a Devil's Food boxed cake mix and sub brewed coffee for the water. These are fantastic.


Mer said...

Thanks for the recipe. I will take a look! :)