Monday, October 5, 2009

German Bento?

This weekend I got to go to Gustav's as part of a birthday celebration for my aunt. It was delicious, and half of my sandwich became my lunch for today:

It was very tasty and extremely filling. Thanks again, Nana!


  • Turkey sandwich
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Lettuce
  • Hummus
Happy Bento!


Pigs Do Fly said...

Gustavs! Do you live in the Portland area? We go to the one near Washington Square at least once a month. I might even commit a minor felony for the apple and maple glazed duck ;) GO SPATZEL!

Mer said...

Guilty as charged. I didn't realize Gustav's was just a local thing? Gotta love me some schnitzel! :)

Lil'chan said...

Hmmm... german bento? I think not. I live in Germany, and if I'm true, I don't eat turkey that often. Maybe all two years?

And to cook german is also not that difficult. I eat homemade schnitzel very often. Try it yourself ;) (Spatzel are much more difficult, but you can buy them in each store).

But I hope, that your turkey sandwich was tasty ;)

Mer said...

@ Lil'chan: Fair enough. :)

Pigs Do Fly said...

Mer: small world! Well, there may be another gustav's, but the local one has 4 locations in portland and vancouver.

Lil'Chan: I don't know that it is necessarily *authentic* german food any more than most chinese restaurants aruond here are authentic chinese. But give me just about anything on thier menu served up with spatzel and the sweet and sour cabbage and I;m a happy girl =)

Amy said...

Love Gustavs! Their crab cakes are amazing, btw.