Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mead Marinade Recipe

Let's talk about this, for a moment, shall we?

There is nothing better than steaks on the grill.

Anyone else out there agree with me that BBQ smoke is the most alluring cologne a man can wear?

Any vegetarian readers I had have probably gone, with that last statement. And it is just as well, because my next photo is one of raw meat:

I promised the marinade recipe we used for this year's belated anniversary dinner. And I will now be as good as my word.

First Bryan shook a bunch of seasoning on the meat. Oooh... action shot:
When the T-Bone steaks had been thuroughly seasoned...

I asked him to turn the shaker around so I could get a pic for the blog. What!? Salmon seasoning? Bryan explained that he had chosen it by smell, and had me smell the cork of our special ingredient, next to the shaker. I agreed they smelled good together, and went back to taking photos.

Next we added in the mead. This is the way we marinaded our meat on our honeymoon, and has been our anniversary tradition since.

Next a dribble of liquid smoke
And we let the meat soak
At this point, I became extremely dissapointed when I realized Bryan wasn't intending to use any actual BBQ sauce on the steaks. Seeing how much it meant to me, good husband that he is, we added BBQ sauce.

The reason he didn't want to is because the alcohol reacts funny with the sauce, so that it doesn't spread on the meat very well. I don't think it matters, since it is all just soaking anyway. But next time we are thinking of brushing the sauce on first before we add the mead.

The next evening, we put the steaks on the grill:

And Bryan barbequed them beautifully:

I set the table with my wedding china
Added some cresant rolls and baked potatoes, and we were ready to eat.
Do you have a favorite marinade?


Pigs Do Fly said...

I like to mix equal parts catsup, oil and grated onion. Add in some worcestershire, dry mustard, garlic and a little bit of acid - usually vinegar for beef. Mmm

Shelly said...

For beef I really like dijon, horseradish, oil in equal parts with a dash of honey for some sweetness!