Sunday, September 23, 2007

Chicken Wrap & Fruit Skewers

Bento #9 is brought to you by "Le Crimson Fowl" (aka: Red Robin):

My left over chicken wrap is topped with carrot bits shaped like teddy bears, and surrounded by cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli.

In the smaller container are three fruit skewers consisting of grapes and cantaloupe.


Christina said...

So cute! I love those teddy bears.

Leslie said...

Now this looks very tasty (not that all of the others haven't) but this one caught my eye. Good choices.

Alyssa said...

Love making fruit did you actually put carrot through a paper punch, or do you have a cutter that small?

Mer said...

I used one of the paper punches that I bought at the dollar tree. To see them click here. :0)