Saturday, September 29, 2007

Making Onigiri

Here are some pics of the process of making onigiri the other night:

I had purchased what I felt was a very small portion of "pearl rice" to see if it was a good kind to get for making onigiri. I figure I had about 1 1/4 cups of unprepared rice. Then I put it in my steamer, with twice as much water and turned it on for about half an hour, while I did other things.

Above is a picture of me making onigiri according to Biggie's tutorial, which suggests using regular cookie cutters and plastic wrap in the place of an onigiri mold. I put some tuna and relish in the center.

Later, I decided I wanted to make some in the more basic shape - a triangle formed by hand. So I got out a teacup and used the method described on Just Hungry. These I filled with tuna and some spicy seasoning.

I am very pleased to learn that I like the taste of these onigiri, since I still have about six of them in the freezer - in various shapes. And tonight when we were at the grocery store we picked up some nori, so now I can make cute little faces with more flexibility than I had when using black olives.

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