Sunday, September 23, 2007

Food that Grows

This morning when I went outside to water my garden, I decided to take a picture of my very first bell pepper.

When the broccoli I'd planted began to produce a while back, I missed it and let it flower because I was waiting for it to get as big as in the supermarket. While I know that a pepper is already a fruit, and in no danger of flowering - I wanted to ask if anyone knows how big I should let it grow. And how to tell if it is ripe or not.

Help, anyone?


Bento Business said...

You leave chillies and peppers on the plant for a long time I think, I left mine on the plant for a couple of months after it had finished growing to see if it would do anything else (it didn't.) If it's hot and wet where you are you might be able to keep it going until it goes red, but otherwise I'd harvest it once it's obvious it's not growing any bigger.

Mer said...