Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well hello, Kitty

At this point I decided to get serious and try and find some actual bento boxes. I went to the local asian market, and, come to find out, they're not Japanese, and therefore do not sell bento boxes. Oops! I bought a sushi mat for later use and thanked them for their time. Next stop, Dollar Tree. Online rumor had it they were selling bento boxes for a dollar each, and my local store did not disappoint.

Here are the boxes I came home with:

I spent a long time, first with a nail file and next with nailpolish remover trying to rid the boxes of the kitty. But it was a ton of work, for limited success. I may try again later, but mostly I assume I'll get used to her, swallow my pride and bring a cutsie-poo lunch. If my sandwiches are going to have smile faces on them anyway...

Here's a pic of the first lid I tried to remove the decal off of:

Bummer, huh?


whiskyrs said...

Hi Mer,

You were able to find a great collection of bento boxes. Our Dollar Tree didn't have that much of a selection left by the time I got there. Well done!!


Anonymous said...

If you use one of the 4 sided white buffing blocks, it will work wonderfully.. it did not take that long either

Mer said...

I used a four sided file thing - it wasn't white though, so maybe it is a different kind.

Anyway, it ruined the top of the one I tried it on. It is scratched, and the decal is faded, but not gone. It looks dirty - so sad.

I figured, it was one buck, so I went and bought another one rather than loosing too much sleep over it.

Glad it worked well for you, though. :0)