Saturday, September 29, 2007

Quick Bento to take to Rehearsal

Bento # 14 was prepared in about 10 minutes. Therefore, it does not have any faces on it or special veggies punched out into cutsie shapes. However what it did have was one delicious sandwich and a few sides. Take a peek at what I brought to rehearsal. (By the way, I'm in a play with Magenta Theater right now, and if you want to come and see it, you can get ticket information here.)

The sandwich was rather an inventive one, utilizing the left-overs I had present in the fridge this morning. I started with a sourdough roll and spread hummus on it, then sliced up the last of the Shake-n-Bake chicken, and finally added a few peices of ham. The overall effect, when eaten with the cucumber slices that I had packed next to it, was very good, I thought. I filled in the gaps and rounded off the meal with cherry tomatoes, grapes, and almonds.


Leslie said...

Once again, it all looks yummy. Have you gotten my son to eat any of this? I'm thinkin' probably not.

Christina said...

Looks great! I love that dark purply-blue color of the grapes.