Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My 1st Bento

"Hey, my sandwich is making a face at me!" I teased in the cafeteria. It went over pretty big with my students.

This is a close-up of my first bento ever, made on September the 12th (for anyone who is keeping track of such things.)

I had looked at bento galleries online that left me asking the question, "Even if I DID manage to boil an egg and shape it into a tugboat and dye it red... would I want to eat it??" Then I finally I hit upon a simpler design that I could sink my teeth into. A sandwich with a face on it.

It is a ham sandwich, with Miracle Whip teeth, and a ham tongue. Cherry tomatoes from my garden form its hair and one stem makes a "bow." The green leaves surrounding are the tops of the celery (sticks of which are on the right of the sandwich) that was also grown in my Square Foot Garden. The baby carrot, ditto on the origin. I did NOT grow the Triscuits which are on the left, or the olives and pickle used to make the face. Sorry.

Dessert consists of a piece of chocolate cake with green apple slices as bookends. The design in the middle is fashioned out of sliced almonds, and adhered with peanut butter.

It was all very tasty! (Except the celery from the main meal. It was too "flavorful" for my taste. Celery shouldn't taste like much, in my mind.)

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Sakurako_Kitsa said...

Really cute :) Welcome to the world of Bento!