Saturday, September 29, 2007

Smiling Bananas

Yesterday's lunch, bento #13, was put together in about 30 minutes the morning of. I was just going to throw a sandwich in a baggie or something... but I couldn't help myself. I took one of my newly frozen onigiri out and made up a bento instead.

The bananas are the main event, with big goofy grins on their faces. I got the idea from a pic I saw on Flickr. They are surrounded by almonds and grapes. Below is a flower-shaped onigiri filled with a little bit of tuna and some relish. It is topped with carrots punched into flower shapes. Cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli finish off this simple bento.


whiskyrs said...

Hi mer,
Did you cut out those nori faces frrhand? You did a really good job, they are delightful! : ) M

Mer said...

No, actually, I drew them on with a Sharpie! I figured it probably wouldn't have time to soak through the peel and turn my fruit toxic. I seem to have been right, too, as I'm still kickin'. ;0)