Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Little Onigiri Man

Bento #12 features my first attempt at making onigiri (basically, a Japanese rice ball). I made this man using Saran Wrap and a cookie cutter, as described in Biggie's tutorial. I used a bit of cut up (left-over) Shake & Bake chicken for the filling, and used olive peices for the face (as I have yet to purchase any nori).

Though the onigiri was the main accomplishment, let me describe the rest of the meal:

Beside my little man are green apple slices, and gap fillers include cashews, an almond, grapes and dried appricot. In the smaller container below are little wraps made of tosted torilla spread with hummus, mujaddara, and carrot (for color). I stuffed them in there a little too tightly, though, I think, because you can't really tell where one leaves off and the other ones begin. I tried to fix this by putting a bit of parsley in the gaps (such as they were) with limited success.


Marryth said...

Nice onigiri-man. ^_^

I might just try that with the cookie cutters. I've been waiting til my rice ball mold arrives in the mail, but seeing how well yours turned out, I might try it with Halloween cookie cutters or something. :)

Christina said...

How cute! That turned out really well. :-)

Alyssa said...

I like your little man...and the bird from your previous post is too cute. I may have to try that for my daughter's lunch.

whiskyrs said...
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Mer said...

Whiskyrs, you are too funny! I need to Google this BentoTV thing... I still don't know what it is.

Glad you like OnigiriMan. :0)