Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today's Lunch

My lunch for today is very similar to yesterday's (because not only was it super delicious, but I had the ingredients all made up and could put it together quickly).

On the left is mujaddara topped with an olive and carrot and tomato slices. On the right are some cracker pretending to be Saltines, my attempt at carrot butterflies, lots of sprouts, some hummus, grapes and tiny cookies.

I am amazed how filling these lunches are, even though they are packed into such a small space. I almost couldn't finish mine today, and I'm a pretty big eater.

Note to self, the sprouts work fine as a divider for the hummus, but don't stop moisture from getting through like the foil did. Result? Soggy crackers. :P


Leslie said...

I give you a gold star! Funny thing about food prep - it takes longer to fix it than to eat it.

Andrea said...

Hey there! So, my comment is really about the whole blog, not just this post. Basically, my reponse is -- fabulous!! I've been really enjoying cooking since I moved out on my own, and although I haven't had any actual ground, I've been tempted to grow things myself. I recently made dinner for my family using home-grown sage and parsley. It's very satisfying. All that to say, kudos! I look forward to seeing more. :)

Marryth said...

Mmm, hummus...I think I'll have to make some this weekend. Looks yummy!

Bento lunches really do look tiny, but are perfectly filling. My coworkers thought I was starving myself when they first saw my "tiny" bento box...then they saw the food I packed it with, and decided their salads were not-so-great in comparison. :P

Christina said...

Great blog! Thank you so much for the comments. :)

Devon & Leslie, Avery & Jordan said...

Thanks for your note. I hope we get a chance to meet sometime & hear about growing up with Scotty. We are new to all of this, and would love any wisdom or advice you could give us, having "been there, done that."

Leslie Rowe (Jordan & Avery's mom)